[US-Mass] Walk on the Wild Side with Dave Brown

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM   Mar 25, 2017

Walk on the Wild Side with Dave Brown

A Friends of Alewife Reservation Event

 Where: Meet at the Reservation Parking Lot on Acorn Park Drive (Cambridge, MA).

Program description: Join Tracker-Naturalist David Brown for a wildlife walk in Alewife Reservation.

We will look for tracks in mud or snow as well as other evidence of the surprising variety of 'wilderness wildlife' that has been found there in the past.

Previous walks have discovered sign of beaver, otter, mink, coyote, fisher and both species of native foxes as well as other mammals and birds.

What to bring: A water bottle and appropriate dress for the weather (including sturdy water/snow-proof footwear). This walk is free of cost.

[Contact Info] 

Friends of Alewife Reservation phone: (617) 290-4864 | email: alewifefriends@gmail.com