Open your heart to Expatraite love

5:00 AM - 6:00 AM   Apr 30, 2020

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If your heart is always open to give and receive love amazing things can start to happen. So many of us close our heart off to love due to old hurts. You could have not felt loved as a child therefore unable to receive love. Our mind and hearts center can hold onto old pain and put a shield up and we may not even be aware.

It is the power of positive thoughts that can change your life. All negative thoughts can be removed by not giving them power. Stay open and in the positive and amazing things will start to happen. For more information contact me!

Lessons in Relationships

Each relationship teaches us something about ourselves. I’m referring to all relationships you have or have had in the past. My belief is that we have many lives but have no memory of them. Each life teaches us lessons. So each person that strolls into my life I believe is here to teach me something about myself. Even the relationships where there is a lot of conflict. We see our strengths and weakness. So take some time to reflect on your role in your relationships and see the positive that can come from them.

Rushing into Love

Do you ever wonder why people always want to jump into a relationship without taking it slowly? For some all it takes is one date and they are off and running in their head. I believe it must be something you’re running away from on some emotion level.

It should never be that the next man or woman that comes along is your ticket to happiness. You know nothing about them and it takes times to really get to know someone. I know it is hard to stay in reality and not get caught up in a new romance. I have done this myself but learned that it was my own insecurities and fears that led me to wanting to jump right in.

If a relationship is meant to be time will tell. A new relationship stirs up so much in each of us. Each of us is dealing with some old hurts and feelings. This can only be worked out by pushing through the scary stuff. So the next time you meet someone new have patience and listen to your mind and heart. Mr. or Miss Wrong will never turn into Mr. or Miss Right no matter how hard you try.