6:00 PM - 7:00 PM   Apr 11, 2021

It happens that you go to the Steam store again and you start to feel dizzy from the prices you see. Developers estimate fresh projects of the AAA class at $ 30, and at $ 50, and above. Expensive toys even for an adult. And taking into account the fact that you may simply not like the game or get bored in three days, then the toad begins to choke. Downloading pirated versions is not an option, and most of the possibilities are still cut off in them. But there is one great way - to exchange your account with another player, or simply buy someone else's account at times cheaper than all the games on it cost. Remember how in childhood we exchanged cartridges from Sega and Dandy with friends? The meaning is the same. And to get rid of the ambiguity, let's say that we are talking exclusively about buying personal accounts, not hacked and stolen ones.

How to find a good seller

Firstly, it is worth, if possible, refuse to buy accounts on social networks, in particular - on Facebook. There are hundreds of groups and publics of similar topics, but the percentage of scammers is simply off scale. We recommend There are exceptions and you will immediately understand that the group is trustworthy: a large number of active subscribers, individual topics with reviews and requests for a price estimate, frequent updates on the wall, the group is at least one year old.

It is safer to find contacts on thematic gaming forums that have their own trading platform. For example, the sale and purchase of Steam accounts is well implemented. You need to choose a forum according to the following criteria:


Online reviews of transactions on the site;

The number of topics created daily;

The number of areas worked out.

When you have decided on the forum, you need to start looking for a seller. Find some relevant topics and study the profiles of their authors. It is desirable that they be registered on the forum long before the topic was created, have a high reputation and enjoy the trust of other users. Buying a Steam account has many nuances and pitfalls, the main of which is the potential for the seller to regain access to the account after the sale. We advise you to purchase Steam accounts with 'tamed', that is, those that have not been visited for a long time by the owner. The longer the owner did not visit, the better, if the activity was less than a month ago, then we do not recommend buying.

Most often, Steam accounts are purchased with purchased online games (Dota 2m CS: GO, CS 1.6, etc.). Be sure to check if accounts are banned from these games. Even if everything looks rosy and the price suits you, then it is better not to take their word for it, but to offer the seller a deal through a guarantor, an uninterested third party who, for a reasonable fee, will oversee the deal and reduce the risk of fraud to zero. We wish you successful deals!