Social Survey Guide

10:00 PM - 11:00 PM   Jun 20, 2021

Social Survey Guide

To annoy customers by phone or take a survey on social media? You decide. But if you choose the latter, the article below provides a detailed guide on what and how to ask.

Instagram Polls

This social network can only use polls with a custom widget in Stories. Also you can buy votes on But even this possibility is already launching a flight for imagination. What can be done?

1. Play with subscribers

The audience actively participates in light and unpretentious polls, where it is necessary to choose the right answer. This is a great chance for them to test their erudition. The key is to come up with a really curious question for a wider target audience.

The game comes in perfectly. Believe / Don't Believe. You need to choose an interesting and controversial fact for your business or industry as a whole. Subscribers will try to guess whether it is true or not.

And the next day or a few hours later, post the correct answer. If you were able to interest the audience with your question, then they will definitely open Stories again in search of an answer.

2. Make subscribers your partners

Ask in Stories which of the two products is better to make a promotion. Should you change the design of your product? Make 30 items per pack instead of 15? Should I buy shoes from the Adidas brand, or should I just choose Nike? So subscribers will become not just potential buyers, but your partners. As in VKontakte, such polls will help you understand what your subscribers want.

Users will feel that they can directly influence the future of the product and change it to suit their needs. And you will have a chance to become not just another store, but a favorite brand for your subscribers. The main thing is to translate into reality what your subscribers have decided and do not forget to report it. Then the trust in you will grow stronger every day. For example, our content department asked subscribers what to wear on Monday.

You can go further and create a whole game in which the subscriber can influence your product. For example, ask a subscriber which color is best for creating a new dress. The next day, ask for an opinion on the style. Then, together with the users, choose the appropriate length. And soon a joint creation with subscribers will appear in your catalog.

3. Find out the opinion of the target audience

Questions from the category 'Which is better?' as old as the world, but still does not lose its relevance. This way you will understand which product attracts the target audience and will promote it more actively.

4. Increase the ad reach of your story

From April 2, polls can also be published in Stories ads. Instagram representatives noted that using this feature increased the number of views of commercials in 90% of cases.

For Dunkin ', this feature has helped reduce costs per view by 20%. Next Games managed to increase the number of app installs by 40%. So, while the function is completely fresh, you can safely test it and measure the results.

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