How to conduct a social media survey

10:00 PM - 11:00 PM   Jun 26, 2021

Marketers are actively using surveys as SMM tools. In this article, you will learn what tasks can be solved using surveys on social networks. You will also learn about the tools with which it is convenient to conduct them.

What tasks can be solved using surveys

Social media surveys can help you accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Real and free product reviews

Many companies find it difficult to get consumer feedback on a product. Clients are stubbornly silent, and in response to a direct request, they write a standard unsubscription like 'all the class, thank you guys are the best.' There are two ways out of this situation: to conduct expensive marketing research or get a real response from the audience on social networks on your own.

To take part in the survey, the user only needs to click once with the left mouse button. Thanks to this, customers do not refuse to vote, and you will find out the real opinion of consumers. And if you entice customers with a discount coupon or a branded mug, they will fill out a detailed questionnaire.

  1. Understanding the needs and motives of audience behavior

Surveys help you figure out the expectations and needs of your audience. Sometimes people are buying a votes from services like This helps in planning and developing new products, improving business processes. By knowing the needs of your customers, you protect yourself from serious punctures.

  1. Community building and development

Polls increase engagement and stimulate discussion. By participating in the survey, each consumer understands that communication with business is two-way. This turns individual followers into a living community, with members interacting with the brand and with each other.

To develop your community through surveys, show that you are interested in user feedback. Share voting results and decisions with the participants. Encourage users to participate in discussions.

  1. Content creation

With surveys, you create three types of content. First, you describe the prerequisites for voting and describe its conditions. Second, you share the results with users. Third, consumers participate in discussions by creating user-generated content.

  1. Increase in traffic

Conducting surveys increases traffic to the business page on the social network and corporate website. For this rule to work, encourage users to share voting information. You can also use tools that automatically report that a user has taken part in a survey.

Why else are polls needed?

Surveys increase audience reach and user engagement. With polls, you get important information and show customers that you are interested in their opinion. In your opinion, is it possible to use surveys to influence consumer opinion? How does it work in practice?

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