Socio-demographic characteristics

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM   Jul 5, 2021


The largest proportion of online casino visitors are people aged 21 to 45. There are more than half of them. In most countries of the world, minors are trying to protect them from gambling, so their share is small. As for the players over 45, there are also a lot of them - about 30%.

The average age of an active player is approximately 30 years. As a rule, these people are already making good money, which allows them to spend part of their income on entertainment. They actively use computers and mobile devices.

As for the division into men and women, the situation is approximately equal. According to statistics, there are slightly more men, according to some data, 57%. But this already runs counter to the generally accepted opinion that gambling is the destiny of exclusively males.

Education and income level

How says the three main groups can be distinguished.

Different approaches should be taken for each of these groups. A middle-class man is unlikely to believe that with a dollar bet, he can win a thousand. But for a poor man, such a fairy tale looks attractive. The wealthy player does not, in principle, consider generic advertising offers. Rather, he will contact a particular casino on the recommendation of a friend and will expect special treatment. Personal manager, individual conditions for deposits and rates, exclusive games. All this he will receive without even having time to demand.

Motives for the game

The following main motives can be identified that induce players to visit online casino sites:

For about 50% of gamblers, spending time in the casino is just another form of leisure. Another 30% are random people who want to try their luck once. There are too few professionals, gamblers or geniuses of mathematics and statistics to influence the overall picture.

A “random” player will be faster on various promotions, bonuses and other tricks of marketers. But intrusive advertising is more likely to annoy a regular visitor. If a player just wants to relax and have a good time at the casino, then it is better not to distract him from this activity with bright banners. In this case, he will bring more profit. And advertising offers can be sent to him by mail or SMS. And not immediately, but after a few days of absence.

Distribution by games

Depending on the types of games, the portrait of the player also changes slightly. You can conventionally divide the segments as follows:

Classic Slots : They are often played by people who like real slot machines.

3D slots : aimed at connoisseurs of computer games. They care about graphics, plot, some kind of exciting story. And many 3D slots are ready to offer them this!