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Repair in the bedroom, credit for the phone, cold and traffic jams, and indeed you have long been surviving, but not living? Nothing, now we will tell you about such amazing cases of survival in the most incredible circumstances that the morning traffic jam will seem to you the coziest place in the world!

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The heroes of this article do not give up at a depth of 30 meters, in a waterless desert and under a snowdrift for weeks or even months to prove to such minions of fate, like you and me, that there are worse situations than rain and snow on an early November morning in Monday. Although, of course, not much.

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He woke up from strange smacking sounds and a warm sunbeam on his cheek. Woke up - as if emerged from a deep abyss. He sat down, looking feverishly, and it seemed to him that he was still sleeping. Around all four sides stretched the ocean. Blue, calm, boundless. The sun was rising on the horizon ...

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