How to format contact information on your resume

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM   Jun 1, 2021

When it comes to resume writing you should be very careful and pay attention to every single detail on your resume as it is very important, there are some tips from 1 resume writing service. Each resume should contain contact information so that employers can easily get in touch with you using their preferred way of communication. Contact information is the first thing that appears on a resume, which means it should be displayed at the top of the page regardless of the format you’re using. Your contact information should include your name, address, phone number and email address. Don’t include your photo, age, nationality, marital status and any other personal details unless it’s a job requirement and specifically asked for.

Name. Write your full name and place it at the top of a resume. As this is the first thing an employer sees when he screens your resume, you may wish to display it in a larger and bolder font in the center of the page thus making it stand out.

Address. Type your permanent address which includes the name of your street, number of your building and apartment (if necessary), city, abbreviation of your state and a zip code. However, a lot of resume experts say the need to put a street address on a resume is no longer valid. In a view of today’s concerns about identity theft and personal privacy it’s enough to state your city and state.



Phone number. Include your phone number under the physical address. If you have both a cell and a home phone number, include both and make sure you note which is you cell phone number. Don’t forget about having a professional and appropriate answering machine message or voice mail for calls.

Email address. Your email is the last thing to include. The best resume builder websites advises you to try not to use your personal email addresses that can be like: babydoll_15, supertom44, hotchicklove etc. Your email address communicates meaningful and factual information about you and reflects your seriousness and level of professionalism. Therefore, it’s better to create an email in the format for all professional correspondence.

You can draw a line or leave a blank space underneath the last item of your contact information to separate it from other sections on a resume. Make sure your contact information is always updated. There are numerous cases when an employer emails a candidate and receives a bounce back email saying current email address no longer exists; or when he tries to reach a candidate at the number listed on a resume, someone totally different replies or he gets an automated response saying the number doesn’t exist. You obviously want your prospective employer to contact you, so make sure your contact information is correct and always updated.

If you’ve already submitted your resume but you happen to change places or phone numbers in the meantime, make sure to send an email to your employer saying that you had previously submitted your resume but changed contact information. And attach a copy of your resume with the updated contact information. Don’t just give your new email address or phone number expecting an employer to go back to your resume and make changes. Employers are usually very busy people and they are unlikely to do these sorts of things, therefore attaching an updated resume is essential. All in all, keep your contact information current and good luck in your job search.

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