Casino Rich - a rich gambling experience

1:00 AM - 2:00 AM   Jul 15, 2021

Casino Rich has a wealth of experience with players. It is one of the most popular Casinoproffa online casinos among players! , released in 2016, was by far the best new casino of 2016 . In addition to its pleasant appearance, Casino Rich attracts with a competitive bonus. And also, of course, free spins! The fact that Casinoproffa never stops shining!

Casino Rich believes in the so-called 'no nonsense' principle. Rich, who has a very poor tolerance for all sorts of bonus offers at traditional online casinos, is the leitmotif of this online casino. That's why the site has made sure that the bonuses at this online casino are really good and interesting. His Casino Rich is all about unprecedented casino tournaments, and there's always something interesting going on on the Insider page.

In a nutshell about the casino-rich experience:

Casino Rich Bonus

A pleasant casinorich experience for players is offered from the start at Casino Rich , all winnings are reusable . New players are allowed to spin casino-rich for the first time right after registering. In the best case you can win a prize of 25 euros of free play money without deposit . The minimum prize is 10 free spins.

Later in the game career Casino Rich is activated whenever a player fully charges his power indicator. This, in turn, is achieved through play. The higher the stakes and tempo of the game, the faster the machines will bounce.

You can earn at Casino Rich :

Thus, Casino Rich is a kind of loyalty program. Casino Rich has also opened a betting section where new players will also get one free spin on Casino Rich.
When it's time to make your first deposit, it works as follows:

First Deposit Bonus: 100% up to €500
The minimum deposit eligible for the bonus is €10, of which €20 will be credited to your account. The maximum bonus can be redeemed with a €500 deposit, which gives €1,000 in your account to play with.

Free spins

Casino Rich does not offer free spins on your first deposit, but all players who register a gaming account will be able to spin Casino Rich where they can win free spins and free spins.

Casino Rich free spins are often chosen for multiple games, from which you can choose your favorite free spins after winning. Spin the game of your choice and cross your fingers for a win to click!

Rich bonus redemption and other terms and conditions

The best casino bonuses are simple and straightforward. Casino Rich strives to be as transparent as possible, based on its own 'No Nonsense' principle.

Rich 1. Basic deposit terms: