50+ Topics for Argumentative & Persuasive Essay and Speech Topics

Nov 29, 2022


An argumentative essay is the most common type of essay that students are to write during their academic careers. As it is the most common, yet very difficult, argumentative essays are important for the students.

In debatable topics, people from both camps of different perspectives present logical arguments to support their claims. Following are some good argumentative essay topics that you might consider writing on:

  1. Should women be given the right to abortion?
  2. Should higher education be free for everyone?
  3. Should students have limited internet access?
  4. Is the current education system effective in terms of job acquisition?
  5. Why are US citizens becoming more obese?
  6. Artificial intelligence is a curse or cure?
  7. Will AI and automation take over the job market?
  8. Does a human fetus have a proper moral standing?
  9. Will people start marrying machines?
  10. Will algorithms take control of our lives?
  11. Should gun right be regulated?
  12. Should alcohol consumption be controlled?

The selection of persuasive essay topics may be one of the most important yet challenging parts of the writing process.

I’ve put up a massive selection of mind-blowing persuasive essay topics for you to choose from.

Topic ideas:

  1. Should interns be compensated for their efforts?
  2. Should all children at public schools be required to receive vaccinations?
  3. Is there an advantage to purchasing an automobile over leasing one?
  4. Is there a moral imperative to assist those in need?
  5. Being a vegetarian has its drawbacks.
  6. Should exotic wild creatures like monkeys and tigers be allowed as pets?
  7. Should high school journalists be entitled to First Amendment protection?
  8. Instead of letter grades, some colleges use pass/fail grades.
  9. Reasons why R-rated films should be off-limits to teens
  10. Is it a good idea to compensate individuals who walk or ride their bikes to work?
  11. What effect will Brexit have on the United Kingdom?
  12. Should the death penalty be abolished?

It is important to choose the appropriate and interesting topic for your informative speech to be able to compose a highly professional and well-structured speech.

Here are some good informative speech topics for you:

  1. Importance of Higher Education
  2. Deforestation
  3. Impact of population on the economy
  4. Advantages of E-learning
  5. E-learning vs Classroom learning
  6. Should schools give homework
  7. How to grow professionally
  8. An accurate measure of success
  9. Significance of social media
  10. Different ways of teaching
  11. Importance of homeschooling
  12. What are artificial intelligence and its significance in the current world

I hope you will find the best topic for your essay or speech. The real task comes when you have to write an actual speech yourself. I understand it is difficult to construct a well-structured and appealing speech for students.