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Posted by artcar at Mar 7, 2017, 4:26:13 AM
Would love to see images of fireworks, hands clapping, downtown skyline, lightbulb(s), a park, feet walking, carnival scene, shamrocks, hearts, blue wheel (don't ask), funny cars, cat, dog, bird, cow, sunrise, sunset - yeah, same thing... headlights, motorcycle, scooter, cartoon car, confetti, moon/stars at night, lake, ocean, river, freeway, skyscraper, frog, pond, ice skating, roller skating, helmet, crawfish, windmill, pumpkin, autumn leaves, snow, beach. smile
Posted by, or on behalf of, Nicole Strine.
President, Houston Art Car Klub

Posted by support at Mar 8, 2017, 3:45:15 AM
Re: graphics
Thanks for the suggestions!
Just a reminder: You can upload your own clipart with a subscription, or you can host your own images elsewhere at sites like https://postimage.io/ and tinypic.com/ (localendar doesn't endorse these sites specifically - you can also Google "free image hosting")
Marc Higgins
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