Free Webinar on the Future of Retail in College Towns

    Monday Jan 24
    10 am - 11 am

    Zoom Webinar

    The Hub will be hosting a webinar on the Future of Retail in College Towns with Larisa Ortiz.   Larisa will discuss the challenges brought upon the retail environment during COVID-19, with an emphasis on college towns. Business owners in these places rely on the foot traffic and revenue of students for a large portion of the year. When the pandemic put a long hold on students returning to campus, businesses suffered tremendously. So how does a college town recover from the pandemic, and what will the new normal look like? How should businesses and business district leaders respond to this new normal? Larisa will share her team’s research and insights on our post-pandemic world and how downtowns and downtown businesses can remain resilient into the future.   Larisa is a nationally recognized expert in community economic development and retail planning, bringing both national and international experience to her work. She is Co-Chair of the OneNYC Advisory Committee for the One New York Plan and serves on the national advisory committee for the International Council of Shopping Center’s P3 (Public-Private-Partnership) Retail Program.   Register through the link below. https://tiapcdincubator.app.proximity.space/.../24-jan...

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