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This section covers using the clip-art library provided by localendar. For information about uploading your own images, refer to the section Uploading your own Images

localendar contains dozens of clip-art images that can be used to enhance your events. Here is a sample of what's available:

Clip-art can be added to an event in two places:

  • The Title
  • The Event Description

Adding Clip-art to an Event Title

Expand the "Add an Image to this event" section of the Event Editor by clicking on its title:

  1. Select the type of image you would like by choosing a Category (Step 1)
  2. Select a specific image from the list (Step 2)

After you save an event, the image will be displayed as part of the title. Here are some examples:

Removing Clip-art from the Event Title

Close the "Add an Image to this event" section of the Event Editor by clicking on its title:

After you Update the event, it will no longer display the image.

Adding Clip-art to an Event Description

You can add multiple clip-art images to an event's description.

  1. Click the "Insert/edit image" button on the Description toolbar:
  2. A pop-up window is displayed:

You can select a piece of localendar clip-art from the Image list and click Insert

Optional: You can set the image dimensions, alignment, and padding (space) using the other fields on this popup.


If you wish to use an image hosted on someplace other than, you can enter the URL to the image on this form.

There are many free services that will host custom images for you. Try a Google search for "Free Image Hosting"

Sample Clip-art added to an Event Description:

Removing Clip-art from the Event Description

  1. Click on the image to select it:
  2. Press the Delete key


  • You can add as many images as you want to the Description
  • You can move an image around in the Description field by dragging it with your mouse
  • To edit an image in the Description: Click to select it, then click the "Insert/Edit Image" button on the toolbar
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