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To add a new Event to your calendar, click the Add Event button on the left menu
The Event Editor will be displayed:

Explanation of Fields


The Event title. You can enter custom HTML directly in this field if you wish


This rich-text editor allows you to enter text, add images, and perform other formatting operations (bold text, create bulleted lists, add links, etc).

If all your events share common information, localendar supports entering text that will be automatically added to each event's description.

Background Color

You can directly enter a 6 character HTML color code in this box (samples), or select from a palette of predefined colors by clicking the color wheel icon:

Note: If you don't choose a background color for an Event, localendar will default to either Yellow (for Public Events) or Blue (for Private Events)


This is general information about where the event takes place. Use it to help visitors find your event.

  • Bob's Big Steakhouse
  • Behind the old brick church
  • Conference Room C
  • Tri County Fairgrounds
  • Ring lower bell for entry
    You can set a default for this field under Options->Events"

Street Address:
We use this location to provide a map and directons to your event

  • 123 Main Street, Bennington VT
  • Edmonton,9743 19TH AVENUE NW
  • Bahnhofstrasse 77 Zürich, Switzerland
  • São Paulo, AV HIGIENOPOLIS 618
    You can set a default for this field under Options->Events


The Month, Day, and Year when your event occurs (or first occurs, if this is a repeating event). You can click the small calendar icon to the right to make selecting a date and time easier.


The time of day that your event starts. You enter the duration of the event in this section also. If this is an All Day event (no Start or End time), select the radio button for All Day Event.
You can also choose from a list of timezones determined by the country you have configured under Options->Security

Tip: If you want an event to show a Start time, but no End time, just select a Duration of 0 hours and 0 minutes.


You can configure your localendar to default new events to be either Public or Private.

Private events are visible only by you, when you sign on to localendar. No one else can see them, and they do not appear on your published calendar.

What does the "Show as Busy" checkbox do?
When you want people to know you are busy or booked during a certain time, you can check this box to also block the time on your public calendar view without sharing the details of the event.

Only public events are visible on your "published" calendar.

What does the "Publish as Local Event" checkbox do?
If your Public Event is open to anyone, check this box. This will add your event to the global localendar database. Anyone who does a search for your area will find out about your event.
Please make sure to include enough information about your event so people will know what it's about, where it's located, and any costs, age limitations, etc.

Add an image to this event

Please refer to Adding Clipart to an Event and Uploading your own Images

This event repeats

Please refer to Repeating Events, Entering a Multi-Day Event, and Entering a Multi-Day Event that Repeats

Set a reminder

Please refer to Setting up Reminders

Saving Your Event

When you have finished entering information, you can click the Save button on the Event Editor. If you have more events to add, clicking Save and Add Another will return you to a fresh Editor screen.


If you have several events to enter that are very similar, you can save the event, open it for editing, and then make your changes and save it as a copy.

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