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Subscription Required

This feature requires a Premium subscription on behalf of the calendar owner. Designated admins do not require their own subscription.

Do you need to add other administrators to your calendar? Select the Sharing option under the Premium tab of the localendar menu.

From this page, you can add other users who will be able to add and edit both public and private information on your calendar (after they have signed in). They will have an option to switch to your calendar on their left-menu when they sign into localendar

Administering another calendar

If you have been added as an alternate administrator for other calendars, they will appear on your left menu.
Choose the calendar you wish to administer from this list. To return to editing your own calendar, select your member name from the list.

Note: This panel will not appear on your left-menu if you haven't been added as an alternate administrator to any other calendars.

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