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Adding a Hit Counter to your calendar's title (or footer) is easy. Although localendar doesn't offer built-in counters, it's easy to add them to your page using a little bit of custom HTML.

Find a Counter

The first thing you'll need to do is find a Web Counter on the web. Try a Google Search for "Free Web Counter" or "Free Web Counter No Ads".
For this example, we're using the free counter from This particular counter records unique visitors to a site. Other counters record the number of times a page has been viewed.

Get the HTML

GuestsCounter needs almost no information to get started. Select a calendar style and optional "starting number", and then click Get Code.

The site will return some HTML for the counter:

<a href="">
<img src="" border=0 alt="hit counter"></a><br>
<a href="" style="font-size:9px;">hit counter</a>

Paste the HTML on your calendar

Sign into your localendar account and go to the Options/General page.
There are fields for Calendar Title and Calendar Footer. You can paste the HTML into either (or both!) fields, depending on where you want it to appear.

The Title and Footer fields don't let you paste multi-line text. You might need to paste your HTML someplace else (like Notepad) first and remove the line breaks before pasting it into localendar.

Click "Save General Preferences", and you're done.


Your counter will now appear on your public calendar view. A live example is embedded below:

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