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You can enter custom HTML into events in two fields: Title and Description


You may enter HTML directly into the field. You may want to add links, change the text size, or include your own images. See the Tips and Tricks for Events page to learn how an HTML-only title can be used to jump directly to a web page outside


The Description box does not accept HTML directly, but you can navigate to a pop-up that will let you work in pure HTML.

Click the HTML icon on the Description toolbar:

Edit your HTML in the pop-up window and click Update when you are finished:

An Important Note about Custom HTML

The ability to add your own HTML is a powerful way to customize localendar, but it can be dangerous, too. If you add poorly-formed or buggy HTML to an event there is a good chance that the event won't be displayed properly. Even worse, your entire calendar might be shown incorrectly (or not at all!). This is why we strongly recommend Previewing any event that has custom HTML before saving it.

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