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Deleting an Individual Event

Deleting an individual event is a straightforward process:

  1. First, make sure you are signed into localendar. You cannot delete events via a published calendar view.
  2. Click on an Event's title to open it in the Event Editor
  3. Click the Delete button on the Event Editor

Deleting all Events within a Date Range

  1. Click "Options" on the localendar menu, then select the Events tab
  2. Click the link under "Clear Calendar Events":
  3. Enter the date range you would like to clear

What is not Deleted

Clearing a date range will not delete:

  • Events being merged in from another calendar or iCalendar feed
  • A subset of a repeating event's occurrences that falls within the date range

A note regarding Repeating events

If your date range includes the first occurrence of a Repeating Event, when that event is deleted all future occurrences are also removed (even if they fall outside the date range you specified)

Deleting a Specific Instance of a Recurring Event

If you want to prevent a specific instance of a recurring event from being displayed, you should use the Event Editor's Skip-list functionality

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