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Subscription Required

This feature requires a Premium subscription

Share ideas, brainstorm with coworkers before a meeting, or swap interesting stories; it's all possible with localendar's Discussion Board feature!

When you subscribe, you'll receive your own discussion forums at:

To initially set up your new Forums, you'll need to visit their landing page using the link above (with your member name of course). Click the Administration link near the top of the Forum homepage to add new Categories and Forums. The Administration link is only visible to you (the Calendar and Forums Owner) when you have signed in to

You can add a link from your published Calendar to your Forums on the Options, General page.

And like your calendar, your discussion board will have no ads!

Did you know...?

The localendar Forums power our community support area at

Customize Forum Colors

You can upload your own CSS to customize the style of your forums.

When you are signed in to your forums, click the Administration link at the top of the page. Then click the Colors link in the top menu. You can use the form on this page to download the default CSS for the forums, which you can then customize and re-upload to localendar:

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