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Suppose you wanted an image in your calendar's title to change with each month. How can you do this?

If you use either the special <MONTH/> or <MONTHNUM/> tag in your calendar's title or footer, that tag will be automatically replaced with the text of the month's name or number, respectively.

For example:

Let's say you store a series of images on your site, month_1.gif, month_2.gif, month_3.gif, etc. You could change your calendar's title to include the following HTML:

<img src="<MONTHNUM/>.gif">

Let's say the current month is January. At display time, that bit of text would become:

<img src="">

(or month_2.gif when the current month is Feb, month_3.gif for March, etc). The particular picture for a given month will therefore be displayed.

<DAYNUM/> and <YEARNUM/> tags are also available!

This example assumes you have hosted these images on a separate site ( If you are a premium subscriber, you can also use this syntax to change between custom images you have uploaded directly to your localendar account.

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