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Click Options on the left menu to access the General options for your account. Then click the Events tab at the top of the page:

Clearing a Range of Events

Please refer to this page in the documentation.

Default Event Type

This field determines the default Sharing setting for new events added to your localendar.

Available Options:

Private events are visible only by you, when you sign on to localendar. No one else can see them, and they do not appear on your published calendar.

Public events are visible on your published" calendar and when you are signed in. If you are creating a calendar for a web site, you should select this option

(Public is the default setting for new localendar members)


You can override this setting for individual events in the Event Editor's Sharing section

Common Event Information

The text you enter in this field is added after any description you enter on individual events. If all of your events have something in common (like a contact phone #, or a web site address) you can use this field instead. Plus, if the information changes, you only need to edit it in one place.

Common Event Location

If all of your events take place in the same location (perhaps a lodge, school, or church) you can enter that information here. localendar will try and display the information using a Google Map, which works only if you supply a physical address. If the map isn't important to you, it's perfectly fine to include a text like "at the lodge" or "Dave's place".

Defaults for Public events

If your events usually take place in a particular US zip code, or generally have the same category, you can select default values. The information is used if you check the Publish box on the Event Editor.


We are phasing out support for this US-specific section in favor of the previous "Common Event Location" field.

Local Weather

If you supplied a geographic location when you joined localendar, your calendar can display a local weather forecast. You can select either a forecast image, text, or both.

Missing Forecast

"I've checked both weather boxes, but sometimes I don't see a forecast"
localendar receives its weather feed via via various sources. Sometimes, one of these services will not supply its information in the proper format, or in a timely manner. Usually, the problem resolves itself in a day or two when the external service supplies correct/timely forecast information.

Holidays to Include

A variety of holiday categories are included with localendar. Some of these holidays have images associates with them (for example, a Christmas Tree on Dec 25). You can choose to display the holiday text and/or image.

"What if I want more holidays, events, sports schedules, etc?"
If you want other holidays or events, localendar's support for merging in iCalendar feeds is the answer. Click here to learn more.

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