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In this section we cover syncing to Outlook via your calendar's iCalendar feed. You can also create a CSV file for import into Outlook although this method is not as flexible.

The directions for Outlook pertain to Outlook 2007. Earlier versions are known to have incomplete support for iCalendar.

Step 1: Know Your iCalendar URL

You'll need the URL to your localendar iCalendar feed. The format is:<member name>?style=X2

where <member name> is your localendar login, or the name of the calendar you wish to merge


Most public localendar pages have a small "iCal" icon at the bottom of the page that points to this url. You can use this as a shortcut for getting this link.

Step 2, Option 1: Add to Outlook as "Live Feed"

  1. Select "File," and then "Data File Management." Click the "Internet Calendars" tab. Click "New," and then paste the iCalendar URL from Step 1 into the field. Click "Add"
  2. A "Subscription Options" window now appears. You can rename the imported calendar if desired. Click "OK" when finished (the window closes). Close the Account Settings window as well.
  3. The imported calendar will appear under "Other Calendars" in the Calendars section on the left menu

Step 2, Option 2: Import as a Static Calendar

You can manually load your iCalendar feed into a separate calendar as a one-off operation.

  1. Visit the URL you obtained in Step 1
  2. Save the resulting page to a local file with a .ics extension
  3. In Outlook, select "Import and Export" under the "File" menu
  4. In the Import and Export window, choose the "Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs)
  5. Now select the local .ics file you previously saved

The full list of calendar events stored in the file will be uploaded into Outlook. This information will not be updated if the original events on localendar are changed.

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