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localendar supports a variety of published calendar styles. You can generate the HTML for a particular calendar style using our Publish Wizard.
This page explains how to take the HTML you have generated and post it to your Facebook page.

Step 1: Generate the HTML

There are different ways to publish your calendar, and each has its advantages and limitations.Use the Publish Wizard to create the HTML for the style of calendar you want. For this example, we have generated the HTML for a "Fully interactive embedded calendar, month view" for the localendar member name "support"

<SCRIPT src=""></SCRIPT>

Step 2: Create a Facebook page where your calendar will be located

Navigate to to create a page.
There are several tutorials online for creating Facebook pages (Here is a rather extensive one:

Step 3: Add the Static HTML App to your Facebook page

Once you have created a Facebook page, navigate to the Static HTML app at
(Note: There are other Static HTML apps available. This example uses the Static HTML App by Thunderpenny)

After you select the app, click the "Add Static HTML to a Page" button:

Step 4: Choose a Facebook page you admin to receive the Static HTML app

Step 5: Configure your new page to point to your calendar

Tip: If you want to get to the pages you have created on Facebook, visit Pages you have created are in the left column
Find the "Star" icon for the App you just added and click on it to get to the App admin screen:

Now, you can paste the HTML you created with the Publish Wizard directly into the Index.html tab (erase what is already there)

For example, here is the HTML for including a dynamic view of the localendar calendar for the member logon "support"

Save your new page

Click "Save & Publish" when you are done. Or "Preview tab" to see what your published calendar page will look like before you save it.


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