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This feature requires a Premium subscription

See also: Importing and Exporting from localendar, Merging Calendars

In many cases, it is desirable to have multiple people contribute information to a single, unified calendar view. For example, a School Sports Calendar may contain the schedules of the Basketball, Baseball, Football, and Soccer teams. Since different coaches set practice times and enter match schedules, each needs private access to their own portion of a calendar.

To support this functionality, localendar offers Calendar Merging. Here is how the Team Coaches in our example could use this feature:

Individual calendars: (click to enlarge)





Group calendar view: (click to enlarge)

As you can see, events have been color-coded by activity on the Group calendar, and a different theme has also been applied.

You can learn more about Merging calendars on this page.


When you need multiple people to update a calendar, but you don't want them editing or changing each another's events, Merged Calendars are a great solution. You give each person (or team) their own individual calendar, over which they have total control, and you pull all these individual calendars together under a single, merged view.

Both the "Global Merged Calendar" as well as the constituent "sub-calendars" can be managed by a single person, or multiple individuals (see Adding Other Users as Calendar Administrators)

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