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Although this section is called "Importing and Exporting", what most people really want is a live sync of all of their calendar data in one place. No one wants to have to periodically go through the manual process of importing and exporting events across different systems.

localendar supports this type of dynamic, automatic merging using the popular (and open) iCalendar format.

Understanding localendar support of the iCalendar format


Exporting to Google Calendar
Exporting to Microsoft Outlook
Exporting to Yahoo Calendar


Importing iCalendar into your localendar
Importing from Google Calendar into localendar
Importing from Facebook into localendar
Importing from Yahoo Calendar into localendar

Other Export/Import Options

Exporting localendar to a CSV file
Importing a CSV into localendar

Older Stuff

localendar and the Wyncs browser plug-in

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