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localendar is a great place to enter and track your own events - but there are probably a lot of other events might be interested in. For example, you might want some sports schedules on your calendar. Or maybe you need a specific country's set of holidays.

There are thousands of free iCalendar sites on the web. You subscribe to a link they provide, and your calendar stays up-to-date with the latest changed.

Sample Sites

iCalShare and CalendarData are two good resources for public calendar feeds

Subscribing to a Public iCalendar

There are many sources for iCalendar feeds. You can also import your own Google or Yahoo Calendar using this method.

Step 1: Get the iCalendar URL

You'll need get the URL for the calendar. This URL can take many different forms. Some examples are:


Some URLs start with http:// and others with webcal:// . This doesn't matter; localendar will understand both.

Step 2: Access the localendar iCalendar Merge page

Click Options on the left menu and select the Events tab.

Then click on the link at the bottom of the page in the sentence Tip: Import more holidays and events onto your localendar using iCal! (click here)

Add the Calendar URL from Step 1 to the "Add an iCal calendar" field and click "Merge Calendar". You can optionally specific a color for this calendar's events.


If localendar cannot access the calendar or if it contains bad data, you will not be allowed to subscribe to it.

Unsubscribing to a Public iCalendar

To cancel your subscription to a calendar, check the box next to its name in the Merged Calendars list. Then click the "Remove Checked" button. Events from the calendar will no longer appear on your localendar.

Update Frequency

Merged calendars are currently refreshed every time your main calendar is refreshed. We may chose to cache imported iCal events in the future for performance concerns (for example, if the external site is taking too long to respond to localendar)

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