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Subscription Required

This feature requires a Premium subscription

See also: Importing and Exporting from localendar, Group Calendars

This feature allows you to display the events from multiple localendars in a single view. Only the calendar performing the actual merge requires a subscription; the individual calendars can use free localendar accounts.

For example, the Smith Family (Mom, Dad, Mark and Sarah) may want a single calendar to keep track of everyone's activities. Each person maintains the own individual calendars:

Individual calendars (click to enlarge)





Merged Family calendar (click to enlarge)

The family creates another localendar account for the whole family. On this calendar, they merge in everyone's events. They also color-code them so that it's easy to see the sub-calendar they came from.

Merging a Calendar

Go to the Merge page by clicking Merge under the Premium tab on the left menu.

On the right portion of the page, you need to enter at least a valid localendar member name before clicking the Merge button.
Optionally, you can choose a nickname or custom color for merged events. This information is shown in the legend for merged events on your calendar.

In the preceding example, "Dad" might have created his account with the name "mike_smith123". But when the "mike_smith123" account was merged onto the Smith Family calendar, he could have nicknamed it "Dad".

Merging from sources outside localendar

You can merge from external calendar sites (like a Google or Yahoo) without a Premium subscription. See this page for directions. There are many public sources for sports schedules, various national holidays, and other events that you can include in this way.

Removing a Merged Calendar

To un-merge a calendar, select the box next to its name in the Merged Calendar list and click the "Removed Checked" button.

How often is a Merged Calendar Refreshed?

Any changes made to a calendar merged from this menu are immediately reflected on the master calendar view. If you are merging from a source outside, changes might not be appear for up to 3 hours.


When you need multiple people to update a calendar, but you don't want them editing or changing each another's events, Merged Calendars are a great solution. You give each person their own personal calendar, over which they have total control, and you pull all these individual calendars together under a single, merged view.

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