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Subscription Required

This feature requires a Premium Subscription

What's a "Transition"?

A transition is what happens when you change the time-period on your calendar. For example, clicking the Forward/Backward arrow from the Month view will transition you to a new month.

Most transitions are nothing more than a simple page refresh. You click, the browser window blinks, and a new page appears. Boring!

Spice things up!

localendar lets you make things more interesting with custom transition effects as you move between periods. Try them out below! These examples also have some crazy calendar themes and custom colors.

Choose effect to preview: 

The default effects include:

  • Fade
  • Vertical Slide and Fade
  • Bounce Up
  • Zoom In
  • Bounce Right
  • Curtain
  • Sideways Slide
  • Fading Sideways Sideways Slide
  • Sideways Clip

You can access the "Special Effects" menu from the Premium tab of the left menu.

Cross-browser Compability

Some browsers may display effects slightly differently depending on their native capabilities.

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