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localendar lets you send Twitter status updates ("tweets") as event reminders.

To use this feature, you must first authorize a Twitter account. localendar uses OAuth, so your Twitter credentials are protected, and you can de-authorize localendar at any time.

Under Options->General, click the "Authorize" link in the Twitter section:

Once you have completed the authorization process, you can enter your custom tweet on the Reminder section of the Event Editor:

Why this is cool

Now that you can have events that send tweets, you can do some neat stuff:

  • Events can automatically send updates to your Twitter followers
  • Tweet event reminders to multiple hashtags for event publicity
  • Use scheduled events to send recurring tweets; essentially using localendar as a powerful tweet scheduling system

If you have a Twitter widget on your site that shows your current update stream, it will be updated automatically as your events tweet. Now your calendar is automatically updating other parts of your site!

You can use your tweets to trigger a chain of actions and build custom mashups. Check out the web site (If this, then that) for more ideas ( is not affiliated with

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