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The iCalendar format contains information about a collection of events. On localendar, the iCalendar feed consists of the time and recurrence information for every single event on your calendar. Creating an iCalendar feed for a subset of events is not supported.

Each event time is accompanied by information on the time zone in which is occurs. The time zone information is crucial because you (or others) may be syncing your calendar across time zones, and because not all time zones handle Daylight Saving Time in the same manner. By supplying the time zone information with an event, the local rules for that time zone can be applied dynamically.

A calendar application typically exposes an iCalendar feed in either (or both) of two ways:

  1. As a URL to an iCalendar feed
  2. As a text file which contains iCalendar information

Similarly, a calendar application may either import iCalendar data from either a URL feed or a file.

localendar iCalendar Support

localendar exports your calendar events as a URL. If you are using a program that can only load from a file, then you can save the contents of the web page from the URL to your local storage.

localendar imports events only from an iCalendar URL. Support for loading events from an uploaded iCalendar file is planned for a future release.

Syncing your calendar between applications or devices by using a URL is preferable to importing/exporting a file. If you are using a URL, then most applications can be configured to stay in sync without further user action. Using files requires you to regularly upload and download files between systems to keep your calendars in sync.

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