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Subscription Required

This feature requires a Premium subscription. This feature is not enabled during the free trial period.

This section covers uploading your own images for events. For information about using the default clip-art library built into localendar, refer to the section Adding Clipart to an Event

Image Library

Accessing your Image Library

There are two places on localendar where you can access your personal image library.

The first is on the Event Editor, in the "Add an image to this event" section

The second is on the Colors Editor (select Options on the left menu, then choose the Colors tab)

Browsing your Existing Images

The "My Clipart Library" window will display all the images you have currently uploaded, along with how much space they consume (and how much space you have remaining for new uploads)

Uploading a New Image

From the "My Clipart Library" window, you can Browse for an image stored locally on your computer and click Upload to store it on localendar

If you upload an image with the same name as an existing image in the library, the old image will be replaced with the new one.

Removing an Image

You can remove images from the library by selecting the checkbox next to the image(s) and clicking the "Delete Checked Files" button

Using your Images

There are two places you can use your uploaded images: On Events, and on your calendar's background


All of the images you upload have their own URL. The basic format is:<your member name>/<image filename>

Adding an Uploaded image to an Event

Event Title

  1. Click the "Add an image to this event" header in the Event Editor to expand this section
  2. Select the category, "Uploaded Images"
  3. Select your uploaded images from the "Choose an Image" dropdown:

After you save an event, the image will be displayed as part of the title. Here is an example:

Event Description

You can add multiple clip-art images to an event's description.

  1. Click the "Insert/edit image" button on the Description toolbar:
  2. A pop-up window is displayed:

Your uploaded images are available at the top of the Image list (followed by the default localendar Clip-art library). Select your image and click Insert

Optional: You can set the image dimensions, alignment, and padding (space) using the other fields on this popup.

Calendar Background

Please consult the Colors and Backgrounds section for help on this topic.

Space Allotment for Uploaded Images

The space available to upload images depends on your subscription level:

Subscription Level

Space Allocation

Premium Personal

1 megabtye

Premium Webmaster

5 megabtyes

Premium Cobrander
(for the Cobranding admin account)

5 megabtyes

Cobrander Ultra
(for the Cobranding admin account and 5M for each sub-account)

5 megabtyes


If you are using custom HTML on your calendar, you can also access your uploaded images at:

where "yourmembername" is your localendar logon, and "uploadedfilename" is the name of the file you have uploaded

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