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Earlier attempts to provide automatic syncing of localendar to Outlook and the Palm Desktop relied on a third-party browser plug-in known as "Wyncs". The Wyncs plug-in had several limitations:

  • Repeating events having occurrences within the time period you have specified are exported as unique individual events
  • Previously exported events which have since been deleted from your calendar are not removed during subsequent re-syncs.
  • Compatibility with Windows only, and problems operating under some Vista and Windows 7 environments

In light of these limitations, support for this plug-in was deprecated and is no longer supported. The localendar page for this plug-in exists strictly for legacy users.

Other Solutions

With more web and desktop applications now supporting the iCalendar format, we have focused on improving our support for this standard. Using an iCalendar export or import lets you automatically keep all of your calendars in sync without having to manually manage the process. Event updates are automatically propagated over the iCalendar feed, and repeating events are also properly handled.

Please visit the main Importing and Exporting from localendar page to learn more about localendar's iCalendar support.

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