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{note:title=Subscription Required}
This feature requires a [Premium Subscription|Subscriptions]

h2. What's a "Transition"?
A transition is what happens when you change the time-period on your calendar. For example, clicking the Forward/Backward arrow from the Month view will transition you to a new month.

Most transitions are nothing more than a simple page refresh. You click, the browser window blinks, and a new page appears. *Boring!*

h2. Spice things up!
localendar lets you make things more interesting with custom transition effects as you move between periods. Try them out below! These examples also have some crazy calendar [themes and custom colors|Colors and Backgrounds].

Choose effect to preview: 
<select id="preview_select">
	<option value="effect_slide">Sideways Slide</option>
	<option value="effect_fade">Fade</option>
	<option value="effect_vdrop">Vertical Slide and Fade</option>
	<option value="effect_zoom">Zoom In</option>
	<option value="effect_bright">Bounce Right</option>
	<option value="effect_curtainx">Curtain</option>
	<option value="effect_hdrop">Fading Sideways Sideways Slide</option>
	<option value="effect_hclip">Sideways Clip</option>
<table border="0" width="100%"><tr><td align="left">
	<IFRAME id="preview_display" src="http" height=700 width=600 marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 scrolling=no frameborder=0 border=0></IFRAME>
function loadPreview()
	var previewCal=jQuery("#preview_select option:selected").val();
	if (previewCal=="none")


The default effects include:
* Fade
* Vertical Slide and Fade
* Bounce Up
* Zoom In
* Bounce Right
* Curtain
* Sideways Slide
* Fading Sideways Sideways Slide
* Sideways Clip

You can access the "Special Effects" menu from the Premium tab of the [left menu|Overview of the localendar menu].

{note:title=Cross-browser Compability}
Some browsers may display effects slightly differently depending on their native capabilities.