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May we also suggest using our new Responsive iframe option? It's a great way to include your calendar on your site since the height and width are set correctly automatically.

Why am I seeing HTML on my page instead of the calendar?

In you are seeing something on your site like this...

Code Block
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
<iframe style="width:100%"; id="localendar-iframe" src="//"></iframe>

..instead of your calendar, then most likely you are using some type of Web Builder program or site, and when you paste in the code from localendar, it's being treated as text instead of HTML

The solution to this problem varies from program to program, but basically you need to understand how your particular application lets you paste Custom HTML into your pages. Consult your web builder's help for more information. Sometimes this topic is also referred to as "Custom Script", "Custom JavaScript", or "Adding Custom HTML". We can't provide support for every external website builder application out there, so you should also check with your program's provider.

Why does a particular calendar view not work on my site (Wordpress, Blogger, etc)?