2D MEP Drafting

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM   Dec 13, 2025

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2D MEP Drafting for you

Successful construction of the facility is impossible without the use of modern technologies already at the design stage. it offers BIM design services for building engineering systems.



BIM (Building Information Modeling)— building information modeling / creating a three-dimensional model associated with an information database. 

Special feature of this approach 2D MEP Drafting means that a building object is designed as a single unit. And changing one of the parameters automatically changes the associated elements, including drawings, visualizations, specifications, and a calendar schedule.

It is a process of collective creation and use of information about a structure, which forms the basis for all decisions throughout the life cycle of the object (from planning to design, production of working documentation, construction, operation and demolition).



Error exclusion
The possibility of overlapping systems and intersections is eliminated. Inconsistencies in engineering systems are identified during the design process, not during the construction or delivery of an object

Reduce costs
by up to 20% by improving the efficiency of interaction between all participants

Visual 3d model of future engineering communication systems

Making quick changes
Allows you to quickly make changes to the project, tracking the result in all related projections. Operational recalculation of indicators, including the amount of materials required, labor costs, deadlines, and budget.

Simplified information exchange
Support for DWG and IFC formats ensures easy and fast exchange of information with related organizations and customers. The IFC information model fully implements the OPEN BIM principle – individual information models of engineering systems can easily be integrated into the overall project model built on any platform (ArchiCAD, Revit)

Compliance with standards
The project is created using domestic software developed taking into account standards and norms of design and construction.


2D MEP Drafting
Нью-Йорк, США
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