Health and Wellness series - Financial Wellness and Elder Law

7:00 PM   Feb 20, 2018

Financial wellness is having an understanding of your financial situation and taking care of it in such a way that you are prepared for financial changes. For seniors, financial wellness can be thrown off balance by unexpected expenses, illness or even theft.

Maggie Knowles of Maggie Knowles Productions has been helping seniors for years manage their finances. Knowles owns her own bookkeeping business with several clients in the Richmond Beach area and will talk about how seniors can take better care of their finances independently and the signs when they need additional help with their finances. She’ll also speak on what kinds of help with money matters would keep seniors more independent for a longer time.

Often when you talk about finances and seniors there is cross-over into elder law.  Peggy L. Sanders of Sanders Law Group will talk about durable power of attorney, wills, planning for extended care and all about trusts. Sanders’ practice focuses on elder law and is in Edmonds.  She has several clients from the Richmond Beach area.

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