Sunday 'VIRTUAL' Grief Support

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM   Nov 20, 2022
(Grief Support/Prayer Opportunity)

For those not able to attend our in-office grief support groups, we welcome you to join our monthly VIRTUAL grief support group.   In a comfortable and supportive environment, you'll find a warm fellowship of people with similar grief experiences.  Come. Listen. Be in the presence of those who understand.

The November topics are “Thanks-Giving Grief/ Preparing for The Holidays”, but discussion is open to the grief needs of each group.    

Registration is free and open to anyone seeking bereavement support in a virtual setting.  Join by computer or by phone.

Register (IN ADVANCE OF THE MEETING) here with your email address to receive login instructions and download the handout materials.  Wifi enabled devices (computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.) are able to join the meeting via audio and video by registering with your email above.  If you do not have email or internet access and would like to join by dialing in with your analog phone (audio only/no video), please contact Rhonda at or 216-930-4866.  

NOTE: You must register each month as a new meeting link is provided each month.

More Bereavement resources are also available on our CCA website.

Virtual (Zoom) Meeting