Binary Trading and Forex

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM   Dec 2, 2019

In principle binary betting and the forex market are both gaining profit in game money. Binary trading itself means a way that some individuals or groups or companies want to sell stock products. The system of binary trading is quite easy and not as complex as forex as a whole.

binary betting

Binary trading vs Online Forex trading

Usually the beginner traders who want to plunge into the forex market usually try the first binary trading. However it is advisable not to use this method in a long period of time. Companies within the scope of forex brokers also mostly provide binary trading products so that the company can provide many options for beginners or prospective consumers.

In addition, the company also wants to take great advantage of this method, since there are many beginners who want to try this binary trading.

The way this method works is quite easy, you will only predict (guess) the movement of the currency pair you are using, the money index, and the movement of money in the stock market. There are two options in this binary trading, a put and call contract. A contract call is a contract where the price rises and is approaching close. While a put means if the price is low than it was estimated before the closing time.

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