Binary Betting & Forex

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM   Dec 9, 2019

On forex investments, a bit more is here, usually traders are required to plant a certain amount of capital as the difference with the leverage value chosen by the trader. In this case traders are also required to add funds if there is a floating loss while the margin of the trader itself is in a certain position. So that the trader in question can not continue the transaction that has been done.

While in binary betting there is no margin system, so the trader who has done the transaction will not experience a margin call. On investment, it is possible that the trader has the opportunity to get profit of 65% to 80% or there is a chance that the capital has been invested lost if the previous prediction was done wrong.

Then the next difference is on the forex market we can not ensure exactly the amount of losses incurred due to the loss that we experienced. Even the profit gained if the transaction loss also can not exactly we know the value. While on binary trading since the beginning of the trader already know how much loss and profit will be experienced before the entry.

However, in principle binary trading is more of a factor of prediction or estimating an opportunity. This will be quite difficult if there is a volatility in the market that can not know how the market will take us. Unlike the forex market where the investment plan is the main principle, so it can minimal anticipate the risks that occur in the world market.

In online trading both methods are equally enjoyed. As we know that with advanced technology, the prose in the investment will be easier. Transactions can we do in the form of elektonic so that there is time efficiency, then we can predict the market based on the phenomena that occur in the country economy. So there is no substantial risk if a country is experiencing a crisis. Because this is our predicting and planning beforehand.

For those of you who want to be in the world of binary trading or the forex market, it's good to learn from those who are experienced. It aims to prevent you from experiencing such a huge loss. Because in essence it is very difficult to play investment money, and you must be careful to withdraw your funds.

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