Elements of effective storytelling

3:00 AM - 4:00 AM   Feb 10, 2020

Elements of Effective Storytelling

To sell

It implies going beyond the advantages that your product or service can have, and complementing, for example, with stories of how other customers have benefited or have managed to solve their problems.

 Elements of effective storytelling

“Based on real comments” from MercadoLibre, it clearly shows this: customers who have benefited from buying there, and although their goal is to position the brand, it is clear that it is linked to selling more, and for that, it relies on the stories behind the comments.


Get investment

No one will invest in your company or organization if you only say: “we do this and that. Give us your money. Thank you.'


It is better to involve investors in a story, tell why the idea arose, what was the problem you detected, how it affected you, the challenges you have had, how you have overcome them. Situations that help you generate a connection and therefore motivate them to invest.


In the Shark Tank program, it is common for entrepreneurs to start with a story: the moment they discovered the problem. Other times the same 'sharks' are those who ask the entrepreneur's story, showing that not only the product or service matters (I recommend the Tree T-Pee pitch).