Frequently Asked Questions about Epoxy Resins

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM   May 23, 2020

Step One - Pool Preparation
Chlorinating, Acid Washing, Disc Sanding, and Pressure Washing are all used to make sure the surface is both smooth and contaminate free. We then fill all cracks and voids and cut seals around all fittings and accessories.
Step Two - Bonding Coat
After preparing the surface the bonding coat is then applied. This creates the strong cohesion necessary to ensure an ultra tight grip on ANY aquatic surface.

Step Three - Resin Application
We next apply the first coat of our space age Epoxy Resins. Our special coating bonds to the pools surface while maintaining flexibility so it will NEVER pull away, shrink or warp. Our resins are specially formulated to provide proven resistance to pool chemicals and imbalanced PH.

Step Four - Fiber Glass Matting
Then a layer of fiberglass matting is hand-laid while the first resin coat is still damp. This gives important STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY to the finished product.

Step Five and Six - Two More Coats
The second layer of Epoxy Resin is then applied. Special tools are used to smooth out the fiberglass coating where it will perfectly conform to the contours of the surface. Air pockets are forced out and all layers are combined into one.
Finally, the surfaced is sanded to remove any sharp points, and the third coat of resin is applied. This final coat gives Epoxy Glass its unique finish. The surface will totally cure in a matter of hours.


Why use Epoxy Glass?
Our founder has over 50 years of experience in the pool maintenance and
construction industry. We believe in our product and are willing to back it with a 20 year warranty. Not enough? We are 40 to 60% cheaper than the competition.
What about remarciting, replastering, painting and acid washing - Aren’t these just as good of solutions?
These are only temporary solutions to a permanent problem. Epoxy Glass fixes surface problems for good!

Isn’t refinishing your pool an expensive process?
Not only are we cheaper than our competition, you will save on chemicals, maintenance time, heating costs and you won’t have to even consider resurfacing your pool for at least the next 20 years - Guaranteed!

What kind of warranties do you provide?
Epoxy Glass stands firmly behind our 20 year warranty. We will also match any competitors warranties, written or printed claims.