Megumi Ogata

    Tuesday Jun 6
    (All Day)

    Megumi Ogata's birthday. She voiced Lara in the Japanese version of Tomb Raider (1996).

  • THU

    Tomb Raider (GBC) US Release

    Thursday Jun 8
    (All Day)

    Lara's debut on the Game Boy Color was released in North America in 2000.

  • MON

    TR The Last Revelation (Mac) US Release

    Monday Jun 12
    (All Day)

    Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation was released on Mac OS in North America in 2000.

  • THU

    Thursday Jun 15
    (All Day)

    Pierre's Birthday (Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness).

  • FRI

    Smart Bomb - Release (Japan)

    Friday Jun 16
    (All Day)

    Smart Bomb was released in Japan on PlayStation Portable in 2005.

  • MON
    E3 1997

    Monday Jun 19
    (All Day)

    E3 1997 was held at the Georgia World Congress Center and Georgia Dome in Atlanta, running until June 21st. Lara's eagerly anticipated sequel, Tomb Raider II, was on display. A tall statue of Lara was created for this event, making its
    one and only public appearance. Lara Croft yo-yo's and playing cards were also given out at this event.

  • FRI
    Chan Barkhang

    Friday Jun 23
    (All Day)

    Chan Barkhang's Birthday (Tomb Raider II).

  • SUN

    TR Curse of the Sword - US Release

    Sunday Jun 25
    (All Day)

    Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword was released on Game Boy Color in North America in 2001.

  • MON
    Kurtis Trent

    Monday Jun 26
    (All Day)

    Kurtis Trent's Birthday (Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness).

  • THU

    TR The Angel of Darkness - EU Release

    Thursday Jun 29
    (All Day)

    Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness made its way to PS2 in Europe in 2003. The game was also released worldwide on Windows PC in the same year.

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