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Cobranding Opportunities

Increase site stickiness with localendar

Give your users the ability to create and maintain calendars on your site. localendar's cobranding programs allow you to offer our services,
integrated seamlessly into your site with your own logo and color scheme.

This is a powerful method for ISPs, schools, clubs, newspapers, and organizations to enhance their offerings and increase traffic.

Basic Cobranding

Basic Cobranding allows you to offer a completely customized calendar on your site. We provide you with a simple URL (e.g. http://www.localendar.com/cobrand/mycompany) for your users to access their calendars. Users will receive a sign-on prompt and an option for new members to sign up. With Basic Cobranding,
you can customize the color scheme of our pages (e.g. background colors, menu colors, etc) to match your own site. You can customize the default calendar color scheme used by all new members, and you can even optionally supply your own logo to appear at the top of every page ! Your users can customize their calendar color preferences to their own liking, but every new member will begin with the default colors that you choose. There is no minimum user requirement for Basic Cobranding. Click on the button below to put Basic Cobranding to work on your site right now !

Advanced Cobranding

When one size doesn't fit all, AAdvanced Cobranding allows you to integrate localendar's services into your site more seamlessly than possible with Basic Cobranding. localendar makes this tighter integration possible by allowing you to customize several additional aspects of our services, providing a facade for your users to transparently move between their calendar and the rest of your site.

With Advanced Cobranding, you can:

  • specify your own logo and color scheme (page colors and default calendar colors)
  • reposition our menu bar and navigational calendar
  • add your own text, buttons, links, or other customized content to every page
  • design your own "gateway" pages to handle common operations like logging in, signing up for a new calendar, or requesting a lost password
  • handle your own errors (e.g. what happens when someone tries to login with the wrong password ?)
  • signup large batches of members asynchronously via a nightly XML feed
  • let your users sign on to your site once (and not again to access their calendar)

Advanced Cobranding gives you complete control over the look and feel of how localendar will serve your site. If any problems are encountered while processing one of your users' requests, with advanced cobranding you can specify a URL where the user should be redirected, read a response code from our server, and then dynamically handle the error however you like.

With Advanced Cobranding, we literally provide you with access to our public cobranding API so that you can build and host your own customized "gateway" pages, for the cleanest integration with your site's look and feel. We support CGI, ASP, JSP, Cold Fusion, you name it ! If a user has already logged in and been authenticated at your site, Advanced Cobranding gives you the option of allowing them to access their calendar without having to sign in again.

Advanced cobranding requires a minimum of 5,000 users. To put Advanced Cobranding to work on your site, send an email to cobranding@localendar.com

What does it cost ?

Both options are completely free. We subsidize our costs via ads on cobranded pages. You can remove these ads by purchasing one of our optional subscriptions.

Still have questions ?

Send us an email at cobranding@localendar.com if you have any unanswered questions or would like to discuss your specific cobranding requirements with a member of our cobranding team.




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