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Posted by Oleksiy at Mar 13, 2013, 8:14:13 PM
Localendar ultra subscription question - multi calendar (one user-one calendar)

I am a developper of a website (skills: html, css, php, javascript, jquery, ajax, MYSQL, wordpress )
We want to use your calendar in our wordpress based website and we need cobranding ultra subscription.

I have only one question:

Taking into account that on our website users must each one have their own calendar and they can add events and syncronize them with google calendar and outlook and ical (also users can only see their own calendar)
Also user must sign-up and sign-in only once, and not firstly sign up and sing in in our site and then sign up and sing in to your service from our site:

1) Can your service fulfill our needs?
2) Where we can get the documentation on how to automaticly sign in and sing up our users
3) Does our users information is written in your database or in ours? (if in ours then where exactly)
4) Will there be a user syncronization with her/his own calendar?

Thank you in advance for your fast reply.


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