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localendar was designed from the ground-up to help people organize their busy lives. We've been hosting free calendars for individuals, groups, clubs, and corporations since we launched in 1999! You can visit localendar to check & edit your calendar and the changes will appear on of your own website instantly.

  • Do you have an event you want people to know about? Sign up for your free calendar and publish the dates
  • Keep track of your private meetings and functions, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Have each family member maintain a calendar and merge them into a single, master view
  • Add a community calendar to your web page

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Put a free web calendar on your site; our "Publish Wizard" makes it simple. Customize the calendar to match your look-and-feel. Maintain the calendar with our Event Editor and the changes appear automatically.

Don't have a web site? You can still create a public calendar. You can also merge mutliple calendars into a single, color-coded view. Great for keeing a busy family in sync!

We're here to help you manage your appointments and events and to let you share them with a wider audience (if you choose).

When you add an event to your calendar, you have the option to mark it as "public" and provide the event's location . This gives us a database of local information from the best source: local people! Our searchable index of published events lets people find out what's happening in neighborhoods around the world.

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