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Posted by rev_jwolfe at Jun 30, 2013, 12:19:53 PM
confused   Colors on Interactive Monthly Calendar View for Plugin Not Correct

I need help. I have tried several ways to try and get my color scheme that is setup on my localendar at localendar.com to match the plug-in.

It has not happened. First the color of the numbers in the month view is white on an almost white background (except for days that have events).

Second, when I click on the event, the bubble background color come up off white, and the text is almost white, which makes it impossible to see, no matter what the default colors are set in localendar.com or using the "custom" color option in the plugin.

Anyone else have this problem? crying crying

Posted by rev_jwolfe at Jun 30, 2013, 1:03:04 PM
angry   Re: Colors on Interactive Monthly Calendar View for Plugin Not Correct
Ok.. Though the colors I set in OPTIONS for the "interactive mini-calendar" in localendar.com does not match what is being displayed on my WordPress website (http://www.stjohnxxiiipoc.org), I have played around with the colors to get colors on the interactive mini-caledar Month view to be "acceptable".

HOWEVER, I still am getting an off-white background in the balloon for an event with white event text (even though I set custom colors in the plug-in configuration.

I'm using the "Coraline" Theme (CSS Stylesheet). However I have customized the background color. Beyond that I have made no changes. Is it possible the CSS stylesheet is over-riding the custom colors I set in the plugin for localendar for the "ballon" background for an event?

I must say I LOVE localendar, but I am NOT fond of the plugin - it simply does not display correctly the colors set in Localendar.com options for my calendar.

So the question I have -> How do I get the "balloon" background color when I click on an event to change so that the Text Color in the "Balloon" event can be seen?

HELLLLLPPPP!!! crying crying crying crying

Posted by support at Jul 2, 2013, 8:30:46 PM
Re: Colors on Interactive Monthly Calendar View for Plugin Not Correct
You are correct in assuming that your stylesheet (dark.css) is setting a global CSS style for the page (line 5)

The balloon is attached to the following classname:

if you added something like this to your CSS, you could style it however you want:


BTW, the latest version of the plugin also lets you specify the background color of the popup balloon directly.
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