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Posted by creativemode at Jan 10, 2014, 5:19:45 PM
finding recent calendar additions that were entered WRONG
Help. I just completed a new entry for my calendar, and the moment I pushed ADD, I remembered that I did not include the correct date on the entry. I have NO idea what date was entered, and I can't find the newly submitted entry because the search parameters are only 3 months long. HELP. Rather than just leaving that entry dangling out there somewhere in some year, I'd like to locate it. How? How can I find entries that appear in a different year (or century, yikes!).

Posted by support at Jan 14, 2014, 1:28:56 AM
Re: finding recent calendar additions that were entered WRONG
For your situation, the easiest way would be to export your calendar to ical (ics)
That would include all of the data on your calendar.

If you remember something about the event's title or description, you can search for it and find it in that file.

Once you find the event, it will start with "BEGIN: VEVENT" and end with "END:VEVENT".

The time will be in there as something like:
The first part is the calendar date, the second (after the text "TO") is the time (in 24 hour format). My example above breaks down to:
Jan 18,2014 8AM

So, once you figure out what the time is, you can navigate to it on your calendar to correct it.
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