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Posted by WomenEnabled at Feb 8, 2014, 3:44:27 PM
List View - Display Event Titles only?
We have really long event descriptions, so I'd like to be able to display a list of upcoming events by their titles only. The titles would be links to the events. Is this possible?

Here's where this feature appears on my site:

Posted by support at Feb 10, 2014, 12:19:41 AM
Re: List View - Display Event Titles only?
I looked at the page and saw you were using the M1 style view, which shows the Month's events (title+description)

Might I suggest you try the D2 style view, which is also known as "Today+Happening Soon"

When you are signed into localendar, click Options->General, and then the "Show More>>" link at the bottom of that tab. That will let you choose the look-ahead period from 2-60 days (the default is 10), and you can uncheck the box for "Include Descriptions" to just show the title (the default is unchecked).

Here's your calendar in D2 style without any of the changes I mentioned above:

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Posted by WomenEnabled at Feb 11, 2014, 2:26:00 PM
Re: List View - Display Event Titles only?
Thanks much! I use the D2 on my home page and don't know why I wasn't using it here. Part of my audience is blind and uses screen readers, which have to read through a lot of stuff, so I agree that D2 is the right answer here. If they are interested, they will pursue. Amy.

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