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Posted by OPwebmaster at Jan 26, 2015, 9:35:07 PM
Custom map link in popup
Adding an address to the 'Street Address' section on the Add/Edit Event page will allow a visitor to access a Google map on the popup screen. I think this is a great service for someone who does know know where the event is located.

Unfortunately, not all street addresses that are available when entering information in Google Maps directly (i.e., https://maps.google.com/maps?output=classic&dg=brw) are considered valid by localendar on the 'Street Address' line. Also, there is no way to create driving directions with the maps used by localendar.

Is there some way for me to add code so that when the popup opens, a user can click on a link that takes them directly to Google Maps? I have read most of the posts in this forum, and I do NOT want to replace the Title or the Description with a URL. I still need to have information there for users.



Posted by support at Jan 26, 2015, 10:49:56 PM
Re: Custom map link in popup
Sure - since you can embed HTML in your event title or description, there are a number of tutorials out there for adding maps, driving directions, etc.
Here's a sample:


Just make sure if you want to add HTML to an event description, you click the little "<>" (source code) button in the description toolbar.
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Posted by OPwebmaster at Jan 27, 2015, 5:12:50 AM
Re: Custom map link in popup

Thanks for the prompt reply. That link you referenced is for setting up a CUSTOM map, which is not what I want.

However, by rereading all your posts on this general subject, I found a method to achieve what I want. Since I can't determine how to add an image to this post, I'll describe it.

Add/Edit the event in question. Put in whatever Title you want. In the Description box, click on the 'link' symbol. In the box that appears, in URL, type your URL. Then add whatever text you want highlighted in 'Text to display'. In Target, I found that 'New Window' was the best choice--otherwise the popup window (which has to be enlarged to see the map] was left hanging in Firefox when the website was closed.

Go here:
and click on the January 23, 9 PM - 10 PM entry to see the result.


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