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Posted by bryantx at Feb 6, 2015, 2:56:47 AM
Restoring deleted/modified items -- backup snapshot

I set up localendar for one of my office teams so they could add calendar items and manage the calendar themselves. It has been a life-saver thus far.

Unfortunately, it appears that now that we have changed years into 2015, a vast majority of the items from 2014 have disappeared, but not all of them. (I suspect that someone just started modifying events from 2014 rather than making copies of them.)

Is there any way to obtain a snapshot of our calendar as it appeared in December 2014. And if so, could that be sent as a iCal or CSV file.


Posted by OPwebmaster at Feb 6, 2015, 5:42:00 PM
Re: Restoring deleted/modified items -- backup snapshot
You can do a .csv file export, and them import it again if data as been lost. Unfortunately, if you have set non-default colors for your calendar (Options.Colors), Custom Event Categories (Options>Events (Edit categories)., links on specific events to URL's. etc, these will all be lost. If that is important, then you will have to reenter this information manually--a lot of work, I have found.

Supposedly you can export/import to iCal. But I have never been able to get that to work.


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